A downloadable game for Windows

The world is in danger by space monsters and only you can stop them from destroying the world. Kill the monster and avoid being killed.

WASD = move                                                                                                                                                  Space = shoot                                                                                                                                                    Shift = boost


Fadi (FaDiMak)- Programming                                                                   Henrik(henkehedstrom) - Programming                                                                                       Theo (NeatOutburst)- Art


The gamejam was 5 days but we joined very late. We only had like 5-7 hours were we worked on it :(

Highscores from developers

If you beat one of our scores that person will try to beat yours!

Henrik: 1400 1650 1750 2750  4000

Fadi: 1450  1750 3050

Theo: N/A


2D Pixelgame.zip 14 MB


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attention,john wick needs your help.

the aliens are very scary please remove